34 Creative Homemade Wedding Decoration on a Budget

Finding the best decoration for your wedding can be nerve wrecking. Should you go simple or sophisticated? Should you choose brighter color combo or darker color combo? On top of that is the question about budget. But Fear not because you will find 35 creative homemade wedding decoration on a Budget

25 Simply Impressive Sunken Ideas for Backyard Landscape

When you have an open space like a nice backyard, anything can happen. You can even design it with your own imagination and own the best garden ever. This list of 25 simply impressive sunken backyard landscape ideas will prove that for you. Because, a sunken backyard is like another space in your garden.

22 Beautiful Tropical Garden Landscaping Ideas to Copy Now

The equatorial paradise offers you different scenery from your usual sub-tropical view. From different flower to unique plants you never see before, 22 beautiful tropical garden landscaping ideas to copy now offers you something new. Along with the back to nature principles and colorful flower bed, what could be even better? Aren’t you interested?

25 Cool Japanese Zen Gardens Landscape Ideas To Inspire

Nowadays, a new style in gardening emerged and it’s called the zen garden. In Japan, this landscaping style is not a new thing, but it starts to gain global interest recently. The main feature of this garden is its simplicity and gravel pattern. For you, we have 25 cool Japanese zen garden landscape ideas for inspiration.

8 Amazing Backyard and Front Yard Landscaping Ideas For Inspiration

It is already difficult enough to get a house with a front and backyard. Yet, it’s even more difficult to get the perfect landscape and nice scenery of your garden. Don’t worry, we have 8 amazing backyard and front yard landscaping ideas for inspiration, so you don’t need to think much about your garden. Just pick one of these, and you’ll be fine!

24 Small Backyard Ponds Ideas With Waterfall

Looking to add a water feature to your garden? Backyard pond and waterfall are two good decoration items that complement each other. Ponds with waterfalls bring a multi sensory experience to your outdoor space by creating reflections, movement, and sound. Pond with waterfall also can give you a comfortable feel.

25 Minimalist Small Pool Designs To Beautify your Backyard

Building some additions in your backyard always sounds like a very good idea to make your home become a very joyful place to stay. Do you dream of having a swimming pool in your backyard but you have a space problem? Don’t worry, you can always resort to having small swimming pools. Even the small one will give a fresh new landscape in the backyard.

50 Best Landscaping Ideas for Your Garden

The ultimate key to a beautiful yard is the perfect landscape! That is the sole reason why we create this list of 50 best landscaping ideas for your garden. Because, with the proper planning, it can change the view entirely. Now, the perfect landscape doesn’t only belong to houses on TV, but your home, too!

24 Beautiful Lawn Gardens with Small Relax Space You’ll Love

A nice, neat small garden and a neatly trimmed yard should be a part of every home. If you have outdoor space, regardless of whether it’s small, you can certainly design it creatively and turn it into a real relaxation space. Don’t you want to have a beautiful space where you can relax after a long hard day? And of course you have to decorate it in a style that suits your taste.