22 Multifunctional Wooden Shelves Ideas for Kitchen Storage

Wood is certainly the main choice for a material in regards to shelves and plenty of different parts of furniture and accessories for the home. Of all the DIY projects you can do to help your house, shelves are among the easiest of all. The shelves themselves don’t have to be special at all. If you prefer, you can set together a lot of crates and make a huge wall unit out of them.

23 Small Backyard Ideas with Fish Pond To Create a Charming Spring Decoration

Water feature, such as ponds, streams, and waterfalls have become one of the most requested outdoor amenities for any backyard. It is simply because having a water feature soothes the senses and refreshes the spirit. It also gives the tired eyes a welcome rest, establishes an attractive destination in the landscape, too. Interested?

8 Backyard Path Ideas You Must Have for Your Spring Garden This Year

Pathways create an extension of your home. A well-deigned one keeps your feet dry, provides safe, and direct you to any other spot of your backyard. And one of the most important functions of a path is to link the house to the garden visually as well as physically! And since spring is around the corner, we’ve got these 8 backyard path ideas to inspire you.