25 Simply Impressive Sunken Ideas for Backyard Landscape

When you have an open space like a nice backyard, anything can happen. You can even design it with your own imagination and own the best garden ever. This list of 25 simply impressive sunken backyard landscape ideas will prove that for you. Because, a sunken backyard is like another space in your garden.

Sunken garden is like a whole new space in the garden. You can make it into bonfire place, sunbathing place, or even an outdoor sleeping area. It will be perfect to enjoy starry night in summer and feel the cold breeze of winter. Furthermore, sunken garden is often thought as more privacy for some people.

Stairs in Sunken Garden


Small Sitting Area to Feel The Nature
Pond with Mediterranean Atmosphere
Lounge in Your Backyard
Relaxing Space Made From Concrete
Small Rock Garden
Dining Area with Candles and Lamps


Outdoor Bonfire Place
Mini Bonfire in Backyard
Pool with Sitting Area and Bonfire
Pond with Artificial Fountain
Sitting Arrangement for Sunny Days
Dry Garden with Sofa Chair
Simple Minimalist Garden
Bonfire Spot with Large Stones
Outdoor Dining Area with Pressure Pool
Bonfire Area Made from Bricks
All-White Theme for Outdoor Sitting
Cozy Sitting Corner to Enjoy Your Afternoon
Monochromatic Outdoor Lounge
Combination of Grass and Gravel Sitting Area
Circular Lounge for Large Group
Add Flower of Various Color
Vintage Outdoor Sitting Area
Summer Lounge at Garden


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