8 Amazing Backyard and Front Yard Landscaping Ideas For Inspiration

It is already difficult enough to get a house with a front and backyard. Yet, it’s even more difficult to get the perfect landscape and nice scenery of your garden. Don’t worry, we have 8 amazing backyard and front yard landscaping ideas for inspiration, so you don’t need to think much about your garden. Just pick one of these, and you’ll be fine!

1. Garden with Pathway

Pathway is the best step for you to effectively use every spaces you have. With a well-planned pathway, you can get a nice stroll in your own garden, without much tending to do. Also, pathway will be a nice playground for kids! Make sure you get the durable material for your pathway.


2. Vast Garden with Ground Plants

It’s possible to get a nice garden without flowers. After all, flowers will bloom in short period of time. So, perennial greens is the better options for you who loves serene scenery for your garden. Use multiple varieties of ground plants for different view!


3. A Tidy Garden with Palms

Not all of your garden area need to be covered with dirt or grass. Depend on your taste, you can just use small space for your garden. A nice pot of palms will be a good decoration, along with the grass. You may add some color through plants with colored leaves.


4. Seasonal Flower for Decoration

Garden bed with seasonal flower is a nice thing to have in your garden. Not only it serves as reminder, it also gives you the exhilarating feeling of wanting to see the blooming flowers. That’s why, for people who love gardening, seasonal plant is a must! It adds more satisfaction, if you plant it since the very beginning.


5. Outdoor Lounge Area

Garden also serves as a social place, only if you want to. If you’re craving for a nice social gathering, you can create a perfect garden for that. To do it, divide each sections of the garden for a comfortable social place. This way, people will be happy to have a nice evening at your garden!


6. Cozy Bonfire Spot

Bonfire night is identical with song and intimacy, so it’s impossible to hate it. If you have enough space in your garden, make it into a cozy bonfire place is another option you can get. Don’t forget to prepare the fireproof furniture. Also, you might need to consider making a nice sitting area as well!


7. Island of Sitting Area

In one of those lazy days, sometimes sitting at the middle of the garden is the perfect way of daydreaming. For you who enjoy the outdoor sky, it’s another landscaping idea you can do in your own garden! Just put simple chair or sitting area. But, beware of the mosquitoes!


8. Lush Front Yard Scenery

A front yard is the ultimate way to show your love towards gardening. Even with limited space, you can show off your skills, by building a lush garden. Fill it with plants of various texture! With different species and color, you will get a lush garden that everyone’s jealous about.


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