26 Simple Apartment Ideas for Small Space

Having Small Apartment means utilizing every of its corner. With the tight space you can get creative in combining your rooms. You can have both a single or double floor within your room. So, let’s check out the following 26 simple apartment ideas for small space.

First, you can have more room by installing bed that you can fold into walls. Another Idea is to separate your bed with a bookshelf from the other room. That way your private sleep is still ensured. Next on trend, is to have your bedroom on the second floor separated from the rest of the room.

Kitchen, Living Room and Bedroom Combo
Study Room underneath Bed
Dark and Light Room Combo
Wall Hang Shelf
Bedroom that You can Fold
Kitchen Underneath Bed
Secure Hanging Bed
Mirror on Stairs to Widen the Room
Wooden Shade for Separator
Bright Apartment by Windows
Wooden Decor for Apartment
Farmhouse Look with Unpolished Shelf
Bedroom atop Entrance
Adjustable Lighting for your Room
Minimalist White Room Ideas
Elegant Small Room Arrangement
Net Separator for Your Room

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The Classic Black, Gray and White Combo
Maximizing Space for Kitchen
Half Wall for Room Separator
Painting Decor in Between Windows
Vintage Wall Decor for Your Room
Luxurious Small Apartment Arrangement
Study Room with Minimum Space Table
Dinning and Kitchen Utensils on Wall
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