8 Inspirational Monochrome RV Decor Ideas to Get a Modern Look

Either just for vacation or living for good, your wheels home need to be cozy and well decorated. And for you who loves the minimalist and modern look, monochrome decoration is the right choice to take. Monochrome is one of the easiest decorating theme. It goes by various hints and shades of a single color to get an ultimate great effect. Check out our 8 monochrome RV decor ideas for the modern look bellow!

1. The Cappucino Lounge

You can get a clean and modern look by implementing the beautiful cappuccino tones to your RV. Not only looking good on the furniture, but the soft creamy brown color will also elevate your mood and relaxing your nerve. Turn your RV to be the best place to snug while enjoying your morning coffee.


2. The Mint Hint

Refresh your eyes by having the green touch in your dining space. Apply the color of mint green it for your seating’s cushions and dark green for the pillows. Don’t forget about having some small ornaments like mini planter or rolled napkins centerpiece. The color will elegantly popping between the black floor and tabletop.


3. The Choco Touch

The lounging area is just one of the best parts of your home on wheels. This one has a choco color touch interior that brings a warm and comfortable vibes. The combination of the choco touch with the base color, white, creates a clean and modern look. Such a nice spot to hang around or even taking a nap.


4. The Sleeping Space

A bedroom is the most important part of an RV. It should be both cozy and pretty so that we have a good quality of rest. Here, the bedroom comes with a pop light-brown interior. The bed itself is in clean white and ornamented by comfy dark-brown pillows.


5. The Dining Space

The dining space comes in modern rustic design which enhances the beauty of natural elements. The set of dining table exposing its wood natural color of golden oak. Adding a pretty centerpiece of terra cotta pot will elevate the design near perfection. Then, for the final touch, the space is completed by hanging the pretty linen curtains on the RV’s windows.


6. Brownie Mini Kitchen

This modern farmhouse kitchen comes in chocolate brownie cabinets. One hanging cabinet is beautified by a cute stripped-brown curtain. Don’t let the floor of this minimalist kitchen empty; pretty it up with a rattan rug. The chocolate tones really lights up the plain white wall and ceiling.


7. The Shabby Chic

The modern look of shabby chic brings warmth to the monochromatic style in white. Enhance the elegant and inviting atmosphere with its casual beauty. This space is decorated with lovely white daisy in a ceramic vase and gorgeous crystal chandeliers.


8. The Modern Roman Bathroom

A petite bathroom will not obstruct you to enjoy the shower time. Make it beautiful with the cream-copper hue to depict the elegance of Roman’s time. Start by the wall which is covered with hexagonal tiles in cream. Then, the shower faucet, which hanging right above the bathtub, is made of gorgeous cooper.


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