8 Things You Can Do to Have A Great Spring Backyard Decorations

Preparing a backyard is never an easy thing to do! Especially in spring; his is the particular season where you can do almost everything. Since there are no obstacles and horrible heat nor cold that will hinder you from gardening. So, why don’t try these 8 things you can do to have a great spring backyard decorations? Have fun!

1. Do Something About Your Used Plastic Bottles

Worried about your piling used plastic bottles? If you love gardening, it turns out you can do something about it! You can use your plastic bottles as a mini greenhouse. It will be perfect for germination and plant’s early growth phase!


2. Reuse Your Tissue Rolls

You don’t need to worry about your seedlings now. Because, with your used tissue rolls, you can start to grow your seedlings. Now, forget about the fancy gardening tools! Even with something as simple as this, you can tart your path as a green thumb. Good luck!


3. Sponge for Moisture

Are you planning to go for vacation? Because, vacation sometimes could make you worried. When you can’t tend your plants for a long time, you can use sponge as solution. Wet your sponges, then put it in the bottom part of your pot. The sponge will keep moisture and your plants won’t wither during your vacation!


4. Water Your Plants Easily

Now, buying a water can is not mandatory thing to do in gardening. Because, you can find substitute for water can easily nowadays. Not only making your own water can, but you can also water your plants with any used item. Even item as simple as your coffee cup can do!


5. Watering on Vacation with Wine Bottles

Not only beautiful and adding vintage vibe to your garden. This wine bottle is your savior for a calm vacation! Put water in it, make sure that the amount is equal to what it need during your absence. Then, flip it upside down and place it in your pot. You’re good to go for a nice vacation!


6. Tidy Up Your Garden!

In order to get a tidy garden, one little thing you could do is put a simple coffee filter in your pot. This stuff is really helpful, especially when you only got tiny plants to take care of. The paper coffee filter will halt dryness from your pot. And you will get less water leakage from your pot!


7. The “It” Rubber Boxes

For a gardener, a simple modified rubber box is the key! Because, with rubber box, you don’t even need to look for a bigger pot nor move your plant after it get even bigger. You can start to plant the seedlings in the same place and just let it grow bigger. Simple and super easy!


8. Mini Seedlings

Surprisingly, your used tea bags can be used as cute decoration, as well as perfect germination place. When you already used a tea bag for a nice afternoon tea, don’t throw it away! Those tea leaves still contain lots of nutrients that you can use as fertilizer. So, just put your seed in a tea bag, and it will grow beautifully!


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