8 Backyard Path Ideas You Must Have for Your Spring Garden This Year

Pathways create an extension of your home. A well-deigned one keeps your feet dry, provides safe, and direct you to any other spot of your backyard. And one of the most important functions of a path is to link the house to the garden visually as well as physically! And since spring is around the corner, we’ve got these 8 backyard path ideas to inspire you.

1. Classic Brick Path

Classic material is never goes out of style. This cottage garden above filled with many flowers and a classic brick path as the finishing touch. source

2. Flower-Shaped Brick Path

Flower shaped bricks are distributed along the grassy pathway. Curbing along the sides are several flowering plants like marigolds and pansies, added with touches of green, purple and yellow leaves from the shrubs. source

3. Mixed Stone

A path tends to look its very best when slightly less than perfect, with stones in varying shapes and sizes, diverse textures, and assorted colors. Embrace imperfection when dreaming up your own stone pathway. source

4. Flagstone Path

A cool and green bird’s eye view of this garden pathway featuring topiary and up-sized pot decors. A flagstone pathway looks beautiful from the upper view. source

5. Another Brick Path Design

Brick lends itself to no small number of walkway ideas and design options. Here, the path laid in a herringbone pattern with a border. Basket-weave, running bond, and stacked bond patterns are also excellent choices for a brick walkway. source

6. Stone Steps

One solution to go onward and upward in a hilly yard is by adding a stone path. This limestone landscape design is lined with a variety of green plants. source

7. Paver Stone

One of the most easiest way to add visual interest to your backyard is by adding a stone walkway. And the picture above is a great path example. A layered pebbles and pavers with border rocks in a similar hue that create a distinctive geometric look. source

8. Winding Walkway

One of the best stone walkways meander and wind a bit. It allows people to slow down and take in picturesque surrounding. source

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