42 Beautiful Flower Pot Ideas for Your Front Porch

Your front porch can say a lot about your taste and personality. Don’t let the porch empty and messy so that people judge you differently. Beside give it a proper renovation, light it up by installing some beautiful flower pots. You can buy it at the gardening store, do a DIY, or do a recycle from your old goods. Make your porch heaven for your mind and eyes.

45 Mid Century Bedroom Designs for Interior Design

Mid Century bedroom is such a timeless style that really inspires many people to apply it for interior design. The architect style is popular in the old days, even until now. The characteristic of it is creating an impression of classic and luxury. Yet, it is also combined with modern touch recently.

40 Best Townhouse Courtyard Garden Designs

Beautifying townhouse courtyard with garden sometimes requires a certain way. It is because of the space itself that usually not too wide. Still, you can manage the space of the courtyard become a beautiful garden. In this case, you need the proper plants for the best result.

40 Creative Pebble Garden Path Ideas to Inspire You

Renovating the backyard, to make it more beautiful and less plain, is everybody’s dream. You might start by adding some flower beds, install the lighting, or build a small pond. But don’t forget, your garden needs a pathway to give it more texture and visual interest. It can be merely an aesthetic aspect or a leading path to a special spot in your garden. A leading path is important especially if you own a board backyard.

45 Best Outdoor Dining Spaces Ideas In Various Styles

Eating outside is one of the best way to enjoy summer, isn’t it? Because you easily can enjoy the sun (and its heat, as well) with your special ones! Right, summer is the best season to hang out and enjoy the good weather with blue skies and fluffy white clouds. And, even if you can’t go outside for the time being, you can still make a great hang out space in your own house!

44 Modern L-Shaped Kitchen And Dining Space Ideas

What kind of thing will lift up your mood easily? Hobby can be one thing, but surely you will appreciate the beauty of well-planned kitchen and dining space. Not only it’s photogenic, but it has the ability to make you feel more at home. So you will instantly feel better after coming home.

30 Cozy Boho Chic Dining Room Designs for Big Family

Having a hearty dinner with your big family member is a super precious thing. The happiness of sharing good meals while having a nice conversation can’t be measured with words. It helps the family member handle the stress and hassle of daily life activities. Start from fun and mere small talk until serious matter such as reflecting on life. And, you know, a cozy and nicely decorated dining room will sure improve this precious family dinner quality.